Yuri Hospodar (yuriverse) wrote in gay_sydney,
Yuri Hospodar

By Way Of Introduction

Just thought I'd introduce myself; my name is Yuri, and within a few months my partner nverzeanu and I shall be migrating from San Francisco to Australia, Sydney to be precise. Well, I'll be emigrating, he's returning, native Sydneysider that he is.

We have family and friends there, and look forward to hanging with them, but it's always nice to make new acquaintances as well. Hopefully LJ might be a functional spot to meet some gay Aussies of any gender with whom we have some stuff in common and can get to know - both in the virtual world of LiveJournal and on the ground once we land.

We're social, friendly blokes. Not quite clubkids anymore (never were much for the warehouse thumpa scene), but always up for a few drinks with friends at the local gay pub (I sure liked his old haunt, the Newtown Hotel) or whatever.

Check out either of our journals and interests and etc and say hi if you'd like! I'd love to "friend" a few more gay Aussies and get to know folks before we land. Not that I'm naively nervous or anything about the big move (he said, donning helmet against dropbear attacks).

And of course if I have any blazingly stupid questions about life Down Under, gay or otherwise, that only a self-absorbed Yank could ask, I'll probably ask 'em here ...
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