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SCLG1001 Essay 2006
My niece is doing a 1,500 word essay on the following for uni...

any help with answers to questions would be much appreciated :)

1. Australia has been characterised as a hetero-normative culture. What does this mean
and what implications does this have for individuals in society?

2. Why do gay male identities and lesbian identities attract different forms of social

3. Socialisation is the process by which we learn appropriate social behaviours and
norms. Describe some of the ways we are socialised into gender roles.

4. How might ‘masculinity’ be theorised in contemporary Australian society? In what
ways and why has this changed in recent times?

5. What is the normative form of the family in Australia? How and why has this
changed? What alternative family forms are developing?

6. Compare and contrast the Weberian and Marxist analyses of modern society. What
are modernity’s defining characteristics and how can we theorise them?

7. Are we living in a post-modern society? Why/ why not?

8. Power is a contested concept in sociology. Compare two analyses of power. Which
one is more useful? Why?
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