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new member intro

well... i guess we can all assume im either gay or gay friendly and live in sydney or have some equally perplexing attraction to it... yes... awkward moment /insert>

buaha... im trying to force myself out into sydneys queer scene in an attempt to understand that im NOT sydney's only lesbo. that and the constant staying at home in the dark, staring at my computer screen is starting to do funny things to my retinas.

so we've established that im a poof of sorts in sydney AND i relate to my paper-weight occaisonally reffered to as a computer better than (in the flesh) earthlings (unless you have an unnatural number of teeth and collect unwanted limbs).

im 21... which isnt as interesting as i pretend it is, i've lost the thrill of trying to get into clubs without being asked for ID. um... i live in the north shore and pretend to be a snob when no-one's watching. i just temporarily deffered my degree in natural medicine (homeopathy if you know what it is, sounds a little ironic doesnt it). i work in a video store which can be mentally repressive at times.

my idea of the perfect date is a long walk across a short pier followed by being bathed in gummy bears and doing my ta return for the last 5 years. *cough* sorry for that... i erm... had too much exposure to sandra bullock at work today... *shifty eyes*

so yeah. thats me. more or less. hopefully less than more, i'd like to think there's more to me but then again im a compulsive liar so maybe that IS all there is to me!! buahaha! you might never find out if there is or not!! ahhh!! the sheer EVILNESS of it!! GENIUS!!!

ok ok, im going im going... exit, stage left. *dramatically throws scarf over one shoulder and saunters off somewhat wobbly*
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